Infrared Nano-Optics of Quantum Materials

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Group Members
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Postdoctoral Fellows
Jamie Hinton

Research Interests: Ultrafast near-field microscopy of strongly-correlated electron materials; Cuprate superconductors
  Aliaksei Charnukha

Research Interests: Investigation of the itinerant-carrier dynamics of unconventional superconductors and strongly correlated electron systems in the THz and far-infrared spectral range by means of far- and near-field optical spectroscopy/microscopy at cryogenic temperatures.
Alex Frenzel

Research Interests: Ultrafast near-field microscopy.
  Guangxin Ni

Research Interests: Graphene
Graduate Students
Kirk Post

Research interests: Magneto-optical properties of topological insulators and high-Tc superconductors.

Projects: Faraday effect in Bi2Se3 and searching for new superconductors.

Alex Swinton McLeod

Research interests: Photonics, graphene plasmonics, thin film spectroscopy, infrared scanning near-field optical microscopy.

Projects: Theory of near-field optical microscopy, infrared nanoscopy of silicates in chondritic meteorites, infrared nanoscopy of topological insulators.

Ted Stinson

Research interests: Near-field spectroscopy, high-Tc Superconductivity, Terahertz Time-Domain spectroscopy.

Projects: Construction of a novel THz near-field microscope for spectroscopic measurements in ultra-high vacuum.
Aaron Sternbach

Research Interests: Strongly correlated electron systems.
Siyuan Dai

Research interests: Near-field nano-optics, Phonon Polaritons, boron nitride, hyperbolic materials, 2D materials, plasmonics.


Sean Bearden

Research Interests: High-Tc superconductors and plasmons in black phosphorus.

Yinming Shao

Research Interests: Topological Insulators and 2D materials.
Ran Jing

Research Interests: .
Undergraduate Students
Ruben Iraheta

Projects: Data Acquisition Software Development and 3D Modeling
Eric Iwinski

Projects: Graphene fabrication and Raman characterization.